About Us

Tyre Tek founder Stuart Pearson (pictured below) has been racing with his engineer father since 1997. 
Their meticulous eye for detail and determination to squeeze out every ounce of performance at each race has to-date resulted in them achieving an impressive 55% podium finishes* and over 30% race wins*. (* source DriverDB.com)

This experience highlighted to them that one of the most important factors in improving performance was choosing the correct track tyres for each race. Stuart recalls ‘like most other drivers I was constantly looking to keep down costs but without compromising performance. I quickly realised that using part worn, good quality track tyres was the perfect way of achieving this’.

Because of their success, it wasn’t long before fellow racers were asking Stuart to recommend and source tyres for them and from these humble beginnings, Tyre Tek was born. 


Since then Tyre Tek has grown year on year and now houses over 3000 track tyres in their West Yorkshire warehouse. Throughout the year they source high quality new and used stock from many of the major racing teams around the UK, which ensures that they always have plenty of choice and good stock levels available. In fact they probably hold the most comprehensive range available in the UK. Also, to further support the racing community, Tyre Tek has added ranges of racing transponders and F1/racing memorabilia to their catalogue.

So for your next tyre change or advice on what's best for you, contact the Tyre Tek team.