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Goodyear (Dunlop) 205/62/17 Ex-Clio Cup Wets (215/45/17). (Pair)

Goodyear (Dunlop) 205/62/17 Ex-Clio Cup Wets (215/45/17). (Pair)

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Goodyear (Dunlop) Motorsport Racing Wet Tyres.

They are 205/62/17 which is close to a 205/45/17 to 215/45/17 road tyre size. 7 to 8.5J Rim

Old and well worn - you decide on the suitability for your application.

They are priced as a pair with carriage priced as a pair also.

Please note Goodyear is the parent company of Dunlop and only the logo differs for their marketing purposes. The tyres are identical in type and construction. Your order may include tyres with differing logos.

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